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AMG and Associates is a small Health Care Recruiting Firm owned and operated by Avril M. Green, RN, MPA, FACHE, HCQM and her husband Vernon Green.

AMG & Associates has been in operation since December 2000. The company’s mission, and purpose, is to locate qualified, professional health care personnel necessary to fill the needs of clients while striving to reduce, and/or eliminate, the problems and hassle that, so often, accompany the recruiting/hiring process.

In our efforts to accomplish the above stated goals we utilize and employ a number of various techniques and methods.

We belong to a number of the various resume boards such as Monster and Career Builders (yearly memberships) as well as utilizing on an as-needed basis a number of the “Specialty Specific” nursing and professional organizations such as AONE, ACHE, American Association of OR Nurses and NAHQ. In addition, over the years, we have developed a large database of qualified personnel that we remain in contact with.

Through our advertising and our personal contacts we are able (in most cases) to provide a continuing flow of prospective candidates to match with our clients needs.

Of perhaps even greater value is Avril herself.

As a prior Nurse Executive of many years experience Avril possesses an in-depth background of the health care field as well as an acute level of understanding of health care issues and needs relating to the health care issues impacting our clients.

*Avril has held a number of mid and upper-level administrative positions in a number of diverse health care settings (Sutter Health, Sacramento CA; Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, New Hampshire; The Western Pennsylvania Hospital Pittsburgh, PA; University Health System, San Antonio, TX). She has had the “hands-on” experience of overseeing multiple departments, with large groups of individuals reporting to her.

It is from these “gained experiences”, as a leader and a hiring manager, and of having to deal with recruiters and recruiting issues, that has helped us develop and streamline the recruiting process.

We understand the following:

•   You want the recruiter you hire to locate an individual that is suitable for the role you have open.

•   You don’t want to spend a lot of time reviewing resumes unless the person is qualified • In fact, you don’t want to spend a lot of time reviewing resumes period… that isn’t really your job, that’s the recruiter’s job.

•   You want to know the individual is already qualified so you can concentrate on determining if the individual is a potential fit with your organization’s environment.

Well, relax. That’s what we do. We take the time to perform pre in-depth interviews with our candidates prior to submitting them to a client. Avril utilizes her clinical knowledge to determine a candidate’s clinical astuteness and then we both further engage the candidate in additional conversation to get some feel as to candidate’s ability to “think on their feet”, assess their “ability to convey complex ideas in a coherent manner” and determine if, overall, the candidate appears to have an acceptable personality and sense of humor.

Vernon Green, the other half of AMG & Associates has a background drawn from Sales and Marketing. He has owned, and operated, two small sales oriented businesses. Vern handles the day-to-day business operations in addition to overseeing and directing candidate searches.

Both Avril and Vernon have previously worked for a large national recruiting firm and it was from this experience that they decided a more personalized, a more individualized, form of recruiting service would be welcomed by clients as well as candidates. A service that was more closely aligned with the needs of the client and candidates would serve all very well.

As the owners of AMG and Associates, Vernon and Avril have combined their respective, and complimentary, backgrounds to form a HealthCare Recruiting Firm that operates from the perspective of locating, and bringing to the table, only those individuals that have been carefully pre-screened by a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner. The purpose, and effect, of this initial in-depth, pre-screening process determines, early on, that the candidates we recommend for interview possess the expertise, the credentials and the experience necessary to successfully carry out the responsibilities of the position. We don’t flood a hiring manager with resumes that and hope for the best; the individuals we submit are prescreened and qualified.

For the busy hiring manager we feel our method of prescreening represents a major time savings. The hiring manager is spending time reviewing only those resumes that have already been professionally pre-screened for appropriate qualifications.

AMG & Associates has successfully recruited and placed candidates at the executive, professional and technical levels for Acute Care Hospitals, Acute Care Specialty Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Health Systems and Managed Care Systems. Individuals placed include: CEO, COO, Administrator, Chief Nursing Officer, Director of Nursing, various Department Directors including Quality Management Director, Clinical Nurse Manager, Materials Managers, Business Office Managers, and Budget/Reimbursement Manager, and once even a Certified Hand Therapist.

AMG & Associates client list includes: Kindred HealthCare (formerly Vencor), Oregon Health Sciences University (Portland OR), Health South (CA region), Providence Hospitals (Northwest Region), Sutter Health and Sutter Affiliates (Northern CA), Southwest Washington Hospital, Swedish Medical Center (Seattle), National Surgical Hospitals, and Saint Mary’s Health Network (Reno NV).

What AMG & Associates can, and will, do for you and your company is to “locate” and “bring to the table” screened, professional, and qualified, individuals your company needs to fill its “critical” management positions.

We would like the opportunity to prove our value to you and your organization and ultimately to include your organization as one of our clients.


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