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As HealthCare Recruiters, our focus is to locate available, top level, extremely well qualified, “professional” individuals that are a fit for our clients.

Positions we have successfully filled in the ten years we have been in business include: Chief Executive Officer; Chief Clinical Officer; Chief Financial Officers, Director and Manager Level positions… Charge Nurse and even an Admissions Coordinator once.

We are friendly, professional and efficient, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Possibly of some interest:

One of the owners possesses an upper-level HealthCare Management and Clinical background (of long duration) so you will be dealing with someone that actually knows and understands what YOU are talking about.

If you are considering a new opportunity and would like to deal with a recruiter that actually understands what it is that you do e-mail us a copy of your professional resume. Even if we don't have what you are presently looking for there is a very good chance that we will shortly; sometimes we “know about” a position that isn’t “technically” available, but is or will be shortly.

And if you are a client and need a recruiter that actually understands, from a “hand’s on perspective”, the background and experience, both clinically and management-wise, that is needed for a “KEY” position then we are the recruiters you will want to talk with.

Hope to talk with you soon.


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